Advanced FX with Raio

A Masterclass to inspire you, empower you and grow your mastery in DJ’ing, facilitation and ceremony.

In this Advanced FX Masterclass, we explored:

  • All of the Traktor mixer effects in detail
  • How to use effects dynamically to make transitions when mixing
  • How to create a dope remix of an acoustic track using 3 decks
  • Discussed best uses of effects during a set

Additional Q&A questions covered from Session 1 & 2…

  • How do the FX (effects) modules in the upper corners work?
  • What are some really practical uses of these more advanced FX modules?
  • What microphone should I use?
  • What are other ways to make transitions from fast to slow / slow to fast tracks?
  • Where do you source your creativity?
  • How do you manage outdoor Ecstatic Dances where energy scatters?
  • What’s a good monitor to buy and how to use monitors in general?
  • How do I headphone cue again?
  • Do you ever repeat songs from sets, or are you always trying to play new music?
  • What do I do if a track is clearing the dance floor?
  • What do I do if I feel the set I prepared is not going to work for the people who are attending?
  • How do I collaborate with a facilitator who wants me to be their DJ?

Course curriculum

    1. Advanced FX Masterclass Overview

    1. Live DJ Set

    1. Q&A Part 1

    2. Q&A Part 2

    1. Manifestation Meditation

About this course

  • $49.00
  • 5 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content