Sound Healing Performance Course with Ableton Live

A self-paced online course

Multi-instrumentalist, producer, performer, ceremonialist, and sonic explorer, Raio empowers you to create live sound journeys for healing, meditation, and ceremonial journeys with the state-of-the-art yet easy-to-use software Ableton Live. 

Imagine yourself as a mystical sonic storyteller,  grounded in healing intention

while flowing from a space of intuition

In this training, we will move through theory into action, becoming empowered with all the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to create live sound journeys with Ableton Live.

During the workshop, we will start with a fascinating overview of the healing power of sound, exploring a variety of important theoretical foundations including:

~ The relationship between sound and the chakras 

~ Binaural beats

~ The power of the voice: mantra, icaro, and healing chant 

~ The power of intention 

With these skills, we then tap into the real magic: working with a treasure trove of pristine audio gathered into seven unique sound healing templates corresponding to the Chakra System. We include templates tuned to the renowned Solfeggio frequencies, as well as two bonus versions tuned to the A=440hz standard concert pitch and the beloved A=432hz tuning, allowing you to play your own instruments in tune with your Ableton Live sounds.

The flow

We then move into an exploration of Ableton Live with an emphasis on Ableton as a tool for live performance. We will be taking a beginner-friendly approach to this deep and complex software, allowing you to maximize play and minimize stress by focusing on what you really need to know.  

Seven Chakra Journeys

  • Ancestral Roots

  • Healing Waters

  • Shaman’s Drum

  • Forest of Medicine

  • Mantra Temple

  • Inner Visions

  • Celestial Dreamscape

Each template is a bundle of looping sound sources organized into easily playable sessions in Ableton Live. The collections include deep drones, nature soundscapes, tasteful synth elements, acoustic instruments, ethereal vocals, healing chants, and other inspiring source material produced to sound amazing when layered together.

By the end of the training, you will feel empowered to create live sound healing journeys by layering and mixing the audio sources in real time.

Additionally you will receive an Ableton Template, including stems to practice with. 

You will leave this course with...

  • A deeper appreciation of the healing power of sound

  • An understanding of how to use Ableton Live as a live music performance tool, unlocking endless possibilities for creative expression

  • A collection of easy-to-use templates offering you everything you need to perform live sound healing journeys at home or in your workshops, classes, and ceremonies

Who this course is for:

  • Ableton Live beginners, with no prior music production or performance experience

  • DJ’s and electronic music lovers who want to bring more personal creativity (and a touch of bass) to sound healing spaces

  • Music loving yoga & meditation teachers who want to weave live sound journeys into their classes, workshops, and trainings

  • Singers and spoken-word artists who want to create live music beds during performances

  • Sonically inspired ceremonialists who want to weave healing tapestries of sound into their offerings

Create portals of healing, transformation, re-calibration and re-balancing

DJ's and dancers know what it’s like to feel powerful music moving energy in a room. We lose our sense of time, space and self on a dance floor, tapping into a deeper flow, surrendering to the sonic current, becoming devotion in motion.

But every rushing river eventually finds the ocean’s stillness. And gentler music can be just as powerful for creating a healing space for savasana, for meditation, for ceremony. So let’s embrace this grace and dive deeper into exploring the art of the sound healing journey.

How do different frequencies affect the brain and body? How can music transport us into meditative states and support healing? And moving beyond theory into action, how can we create one-of-a-kind sound journeys to help our human family unwind, release, re-balance, and access higher states of awareness within?

Sound healing is a method of accessing the mind of the divine through the poetry, the majesty and magic of sound. 

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Training!

    2. Ableton Live Installation & Basic Setup

    3. Wakamaia Sound Healing Projects File Management

    4. If I'm ready to buy Ableton Live, which version should I get?

    5. Is there other gear I will need or want to have?

    1. Ancient Origins of Sound Healing

    2. What are Solfeggio Frequencies?

    3. The Connection Between Chakras & Solfeggio

    1. “Feel so you can heal”

    2. Your Sound Healing Journal

    1. Introduction to Root Chakra

    2. Ancestral Roots: 1st Chakra Guided Journey

    1. An Update to the Ableton Live Projects

    2. Ancestral Roots: Root Chakra Live Set Download

    3. Welcome to PERFORMANCE

    4. Tour of Ableton Live

    5. Ancestral Roots Lesson 1

    6. Ancestral Roots Lesson 2

    7. Ancestral Roots Lesson 3

    8. Ancestral Roots Lesson 4

    1. The Sacral Chakra

    2. Healing Waters: Sacral Chakra Guided Journey

About this course

  • $888.00
  • 59 lessons
  • 6.5 hours of video content

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  • What are the technical requirements to take this course?

    MacOS High Sierra 10.13 to Monterey 12
~ Windows 11 and Windows 10 (64-bit), Build 1909

    Ableton Live: industry leading music production and performance software available as a free trial for 90 days.

    Once you’re hooked and decide to invest, pricing starts as low as $99.
  • What additional accessories do I need?

    Headphones (Recommended)

    Novation Launch Control XL MKII (Optional)

  • Is this course self-paced?

    Yes, this course is self paced, designed to be SUPER beginner friendly and spacious. From the moment you begin, you will be set up with templates, so you can instantly start playing, creating and facilitating sound journeys! We will launch on November 23, 2022, and you will be invited to access our private community group to share inspiration

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